DIY Sales and Leasing is dedicated to providing advertising channels for Australian property owners to sell or lease their property.
DIY Sales and Leasing offers a cheap & effective way to sell & lease your property. No agents, No Commission, list on REA.
DIY Sales and Leasing provides a “do it yourself” method of selling or leasing a property without the need to engage a real estate agent. The DIY service provides advertising and support in a similar fashion to a real estate agent, however does not charge a commission for this service. The owner of the property negotiates the sale or lease terms with the buyer/tenant and is in complete control of their asset throughout the entire process. DIY offers advertising on the major real estate portals and support information to educate its clients about the current position of their particular piece of real estate.  DIY offers its clients control over how they would like to sell/lease their property. Clients set their own price, set inspection times when it suits them and decides who the successful buyer or tenancy applicant will be. The landscape of the Australian real estate market is currently experiencing significant changes. The savvy property owners of Australia understand the benefits of “do it yourself” sales and leasing and the traditional model of using a real estate agent to sell/lease your property is being replaced by a for sale/lease by owner model.
DIY is suitable for all property owners – contact us today for more information.