The DIY Way - The DIY WAY

DIY sales and leasing provides property owners with a non commission based form of selling / leasing a property.

DIY simply provides the conduit between property owners and buyers & tenants through proven real estate advertising channels at a significantly reduced price.

DIY provides clients access to media channels such as, which is the Australia’s number 1 location buyer’s look to purchase property.  In addition to this DIY provides clients with all the tools necessary to sell or lease a property with no hidden costs, no commissions, no ongoing fees.

DIY prides itself on providing a turnkey solution to putting your property on the market.  Within a couple of minutes you can list your property and have potential buyers or tenants enquiring about your property.

DIY offers simple, yet comprehensive listing packages.  Our aim is to provide clients with the most appropriate tools to sell or lease their property.

Who should use DIY sales and Leasing?

–          People who want to be in control of their assets

–          People who want to avoid paying real estate agents hefty sales commission

–          People who are happy to show people through their property and point out all the positive attributes the property and the area maintains

–          Landlords who self manage their properties and need better ad exposure