Frequently Asked Question


FAQ’s General



Who are DIY Sales and Leasing?

We are a professional real estate agency which provides property owners with all the tools needed to sell or lease a property without the need to pay real estate agents. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with honest, no jargon information which will sell/lease you property and above all save you time and money. 

You can save thousands of dollars by selling or leasing your property with us.

Our team consists of a wealth of experience in both sales and leasing of property throughout Australia.  There are very few issues which our competent staff have not resolved over the past 40 years.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

No, DIY sales and Leasing provide a transparent service which prides itself on providing advertising to sell / lease a property.  The fundamental difference in our pricing structure is based on providing you with greater exposure. 

Will my ad be seen on

Yes, is Australians premier real-estate website.  This is where the buyers and the tenant look.  DIY sales and Leasing leverage their significant market share to provide you with reduced rates for this advertising chanel.


How will using your company save me money?

When using the DIY service, you don’t have to pay agents commission for the sale/leasing of your property.  When selling a property it is not uncommon to pay $10,000, $20,000 or even $30,000 to the real estate agency.  When leasing a property real-estate agents also charge you a fee for finding you a tenant.

When advertising your property correctly the same buyer/tenant will end up finding you whether you use an agent or you use DIY. 

Wouldn’t you prefer to have that extra money in your pocket rather than paying an agent …


What is the best way to conduct property inspections?

The most important thing about a property inspection is to present the property in its best light.  Having a clean and tidy property will go a long way with making a good first impression.

People tend to respond well to scheduled open for inspection times (which can be added in the description of your advertisement) or you can simply make appointments with potential suitors via telephone or email.


FAQ’s Sellers

Why do Agents charge so much more than you?

We guide our clients through the sales/leasing process, however we rely on yourselves to take ownership in terms of the management of your advertisement, handle buyer/tenant enquiry, conduct inspections and negotiate the terms of the sale/lease with the buyer/tenant.


An Agent told me It’s very risky to Sell or Lease privately, is this true?

Risk is often associated with a lack of knowledge.  DIY Sales and Leasing provide you with the same information which real-estate agents use when selling and leasing property, so you are fully informed.  DIY sales and leasing are a licensed real-estate agency and employ experienced professionals in both the sales and leasing fields.

We are here to help and we invite you to contact us with any questions you might have.


Agencies tell me that they will put my property on their website for Free …. isn’t this enough ?

Today its simply not enough to put your property on any internet site.  DIY Sales and Leasing provide you with a unique value proposition by creating competition for your property. 

We use the industry giant such as to generate maximum exposure for you property. 

More exposure means more offers = more money in your pocket.


What should I do If I’d like to engage a local real estate Agent?

 If you would like to use a local agent, we will simply remove your advertisement.  We can also provide you with assistance for choosing a reputable agent in your area.

How do I cancel my listing?


If you sell/lease your property or would like to remove the advertisement, send us an email instructing of your situation and we will update the system / portals with the property status ie; sold, leased, withdrawn, under contract


When I adjust my advertisement, how long does it take to be reflected online?


When you adjust your advertisement, DIY Sales and Leasing will need to approve the changes.  Once this complete, the online portal is refreshed a number of times throughout the business day.



How are do I know if someone has enquired about my property?


1 – Enquires are sent to you via email.  This way you have a phone number/email address for your recorded which you can contact the person  Traditionally this is the most common form of communication which has been driven by the way people use the internet 24/7 these days.

 2 – Potential buyers can also call DIY Sales and Leasing directly and we will assist them with their enquiry.

 3 – Potential buyers can also call you directly, as your phone number will be posted on the DIY Sales and Leasing website.


 Can I display my contact details within the property description?


No. In accordance with’s Acceptable Use Policy listings must only refer a viewer to the real estate office of a licensed real estate agent that is a subscribing member of (i.e. For Sale For Lease).


What are the property description & image requirements?


We are bound by the Acceptable Use Policy published by which outlines guidelines for publishing listings on We apply these industry-standard guidelines to all our listings irrespective of which web sites they are published on. We recommend using quality images to present your property rather than quantity, which must be in JPEG format and no larger than 2MB in size. Images which are smaller than 800 x 600 pixels are not suitable and can often result in your images looking stretched and distorted.


If I want to get started, what’s the next step?


It’s simple:

1 – Click on the package you want to use;

  • Provide your contact details
  • Provide a property description and photos
  • Take your pick of our optional products and services,

2- Complete the payment step

3- DIY sales and Leasing verification

DIY will then create your account and send you pertinent information about your listing. Provided we receive all the right information from you including property description and photos, your listing will then be activated.


It’s that simple! The whole process can take less than a day.


 How long will my signage or additional extras take to be delivered?


We will send you your coreflute signage the following business day once we have received payment.

We use Australia post to send the signage via the regular service unless alternate delivery arrangements have been made.


Do I need a Conveyancor to sell my property?

You will need to provide contact of sale documentation to sell a property.  We recommend that you use a conyenancor to prepare this documentation.  DIY recommends Slater & Gordon as a trusted partner.

Using a conveyancing company ensures all the necessary documentation is in order and can handle the transfer of sale and settlement issues.


FAQ’s Landlords

Where can I find the standard forms to lease my investment property?

In the “support” section of the there is a link to the standard tenancy forms which you require to lease a property.  These forms vary from state to state.  If in doubt of which form to use please contact the authority in your state for advice.


FAQ’s Buyer’s

I can’t find the open for inspection times?

Some of our clients have advertised open for inspection time posted on the internet.  However””inspection by appointment “ is also a common scenario.  In this instance, we suggest you call the contact for the property using the contact detail provided on this website for the property.