Forms & Tips


Standard forms for Selling and Leasing property in Australia can be found here:


Open for inspection form

Us this form to capture the details of your potential buyers / tenants.

Download here. (OFI form.pdf)


OFI form 2

Privacy Statement

Display this form at your open for inspections.



What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land (property) from one person or entity to another.

The conveyancer navigates the change of legal ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer.  During this process several issues may arise that may hinder the successful completion of this transaction.  Using a licensed conveyancor mitigates the risk of a transaction failing do to a paperwork issue.

A typical conveyancing transaction consists of three stages:

–          Contract preparation

–          Settlement

–          Post  completion

As a property seller a conveyancer will:

–          Complete and ensure the legal documents are in order for the transfer of title.

–          Represent you and respond to requests from the buyer – for example, request to extend dates, title questions, etc

Slater and Gordon is DIYsalesandleasing’s preferred conveyancor.  Slater and Gordon are a efficient, reputable, nationwide Australian company.  Be sure to mention our your alliance with DIY for preferential treatment.

Phone 13 18 10


Tips For Sale

Insights, tips & how-to guides on selling property and preparing your home or investment property for sale and working to maximize your sale price.


Tips For Lease

Landlord tips for renovating a rental property, repairs versus renovations;


  •    Giving your tenant notice
  •    Temporary accommodation for tenants
  •    Undoing renovations by a tenant
  •    Projects costing $5000 or less
  •    Projects costing more than $5000


Remember to check with your state or territory Consumer Affairs body, as some rules differ around the country.