Sell your property where the buyers look

STANDARD PACKAGE – until sold, unlimited free edits

  • Standard Online advertisement on

Your property advertisement will appear on’s website. is Australia’s leading property website with over 3 million people visiting the site each month.  This is the website you must be on to target the highest number of potential buyers.

  • Online advertisement on

Your property will be advertised for FREE on the DIYsalesandleasing website.  Potential buyers will be able to locate your property via a traditional internet search, your property details, description and photos will be located here.

  • Online advertisement on other property websites

Your property will be listed on multiple realestate sales websites, providing your property with significant exposure to potential buyers.  Increased exposure traditionally creates higher competition for property which influences the final sale price.

         • Expert property sales advice

You will have access to sales advice from our expert real-estate team.  Our team will be able to guide you through preparing your home for marketing and inspection purposes; understanding the value of your property using analytical data; preparing sales documentation and negotiating prices with buyers.

• Weekly ad performance emails

You will be sent a weekly report on how your property advertisement has preformed.  This report identifies how many people have viewed your advertisement; how many people have made enquiries regarding your property and how many people have sought to find your phone number.

          These metrics allow you to compare the level of engagement of buyers and helps you adjust your campaign if necessary.






• 10 photos

With your standard advertisement, you will be able to upload 10 photos of your property up to the internet.  It is important that your photos look great, this is your first opportunity to attract buyers to view your home.  Great photos are an important tool used to attract potential buyers to your property.

• FREE For Sale sign for your property

When you list your property, a free “For Sale” board will be sent to you.   The board will let all passersby know that the property is for sale and provide them with contact details for further enquiry.  This board also makes it easier for buyers to find your home who have initially seen your property online and have taken the time to visit the property in person.


FEATURE PACKAGE –  (30 days), unlimited free edits

Standard Features plus:

• Feature Online advertisement on

– A Feature advertisement on ensures your property will be on the first page of the search results in your area.

• Ad appears on the front page of

– Typically 70% of buyers don’t click through to the following pages when conducting a search, therefore having your property displayed      on the first page provides you with a significant advantage by way of attracting more buyers to view your property.

  • Telephone buyer enquiry connection
  • Email buyer enquiry connection
  • After hours emergency support
  • 15 photos

– You will be able to upload 15 photos of your property with your advertisement


  • Professional Property Report on sales in your areaEstimated Value Report
    An Estimated Value Report provides an estimated value of a property, 6 recent sales and suburb statistics. Its great to have when you are looking to buy or sell a particular property and are after an idea of its current value. For a complete view of a particular property you might like our Detailed Property Report which also provides a complete property sale and listing history.

–          Pictures x 3 (below)

–          Pdf example report link (Sample_EstimatedValueReport.pdf)


  • Professional for sale pamphlets

– You will be provided with a template for a 210mm x 100mm graphic to promote your property.  This graphic provides potential buyers with a snapshot of what the property looks like, the property address along with the contact details for buyers to find out more.


*printing can be arranged on your

behalf if required



  • Professional printable property brochures

– You will be provided with an A4 property brochure containing all the details of your property which you can hand out at open for inspections.  These brochures are a great way to keep your property at the front of a buyers mind, as it is quite common for buyers to inspect multiple properties during an outing.


*printing can be arranged on your

behalf if required



  • Property Valuation

– Based on market conditions, statistical evidence, and historical data our team will be able to provide you with a professional valuation for your property.  You can use this information when setting your sale price / price range and during negotiations with buyers.


  • Access to sales ‘setup and sell’ sales support material

– Our team will coach you through the process and the critical timing involved in creating competition for your property.  Competition typically drives the price of a property upward.  Our team will also help you recognise the typical situations during the sale process and inform you on how to deal with each scenario.



PREMIUM PACKAGE – until sold, unlimited free edits

  • Feature Online advertisement on &

– A Feature advertisement on ensures your property will be at the top of the first page of the search results in your area.


  • Ad appears at the top of the front page of

– Having your advertisement at the top of this page will guarantee all potential buyers will see your property.  There is a direct link between a having a Feature ad and the amount of buyers who attend an inspection.

More potential buyers increases competition which typically drives sale prices upward.


  • Unlimited photos

– With the Feature package you will be able to upload as many photos as you like to describe your property.


  • VIP support

– You will be able to access sales staff after hours in the event that you need to talk through how your sale is progressing, adjust your marketing campaign or need advice on how to engage and transact with buyers.